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  Jiangsu State Administration of Taxation (JSAT), a provincial level department directly under the State Administration of Taxation, is in charge of the state's revenue work in Jiangsu province. Its mandate is to conduct tax collection and administration of central taxes and the taxes shared between central and local governments, which include value-added tax, excise tax, income tax, vehicle acquisition tax and individual income tax of interests. JSAT is also responsible for the administration of tax refund on exports.

        Under JSAT, there are 14 municipal-level tax offices (including Suzhou Industry Park Tax Office), 67 county offices and 474 field branches.

  The mandates of JSAT are:

  ● implementing tax laws, rules and regulations, and drafting detailed implementation rules based on practical situations of Jiangsu Province;

   making revenue work plan, assigning revenue task to lower-level tax offices and evaluating their working performance;

  ● implementing the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Tax Administration and the related regulations stipulated by the State Administration of Taxation, reforming the tax system to enhance law enforcement;

  ● conducting tax inspection and organizing collection and administration for central taxes, shared taxes;

  entrusted by local governments to conduct collection and administration for local taxes, funds and special duties;

  conducting the management for VAT special invoices, common invoices and other tax bill of documents,

and conducting the supervision over registered tax practitioners and regulating tax agencies’ activities;

  ● conducting tax administration on imports and exports and international taxation administration;

  ● supervising the implementation work of tax laws, regulations and policies, and dealing with tax frauds;

  ● arranging tax dispute hearings, administrative rehearing and initiate litigation proceedings;

  ●  circling around the economic development policies of JiangSu Province to exert control and supervision functions of taxation to economy; devoting to the development of market economy and other kinds of social undertakings;

  ● supervising and reviewing implementation of tax laws and regulations by tax offices and staff at all levels of JSAT;

  Being responsible for the administration of human resources, salary, size and expenditure of SAT local offices; appointing and supervising the work of directors and deputy directors at the provincial level of SAT offices; advising on the appointment and removal of directors of local tax service at the provincial level

  ● being responsible for the administration of human resources, salary and organization structure of JSAT; 

  supervising the work of directors, deputy directors and other senior staff at municipal level, advising on the appointment and removal of directors of local tax offices of JSAT at all levels, and implementing the policies of civil servants in JSAT;

  ●being responsible for the education and training for tax staff at all levels of JSAT to build up their professional skills and ethical standards, and being in charge of the management of  the taxation school of JiangSu Province ;

  ●being responsible for working style construction, together with the work of discipline inspection, supervision and relationship between Party and the mass;

  ●being responsible for tax revenue accounting and statistics work, and the work of expenditure financing, infrastructure, asset management, auditing and government purchasing;

  ●being responsible for the planning and implementation of taxation information system construction;

  ●researching tax theories and policies, analyzing tax information, understanding changes and trends of taxation, publicizing tax laws and providing tax services;

  other mandates entrusted by the State Administration of Taxation or Provincial government of JiangSu.

  Address: No.55 North ZhongShan Road, Nanjing City, JiangSu Province

          Postal Code: 210008           Telephone (Operator): 86-25-83101888           Fax: 86-25-83328377           E-Mail of Director:  jzxx@jsgs.gov.cn

Jiangsu Provincial Office of SAT
Address:NO.55 North ZhongShan Road .Nanjing City .JiangSu Province
Postal Code:210008

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